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G.S.L. - Historical Evolution of the Club

After having been founded in late October 1959, the "Groupe Spéléologique Luxembourgeois" started to register and survey the caves of Luxembourg.

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In the beginning of the sixties, the activities were based on the "Mamerlayen" and the complex system of the "Moestroff Cave". Then at the end of the sixties the "Grotte Ste. Barbe" and the "Raschpëtzer" have been explored.

The extention of the GSL activities to the neighbour countries Belgium "Rochefort" and suroundings started in 1970.

The modern techniques of caving made it possible to the GSL to explore some bigger shafts. These activities were based mostly in the French regions of the Doubs and Vercors.

In 1983 the GSL changed to an "asbl" (association sans but lucratif) and stayed an affiliated group of the Youthhostels - CAJL (Centrale des Auberges de Jeunesse Luxembourgeoises).

Today the GSL has around 70 members and covers all kind of speleology and science. Some extended works of the "Phymoes" workgroup on subteranean climatology in the "Moestroff Cave System" (over 4 km of development) have been of a great international value for the group.

The instructors give training to all caving interested people and help them during their progression. The exchange and coordination with foreign clubs and federations are a great experience in the specific domain of subterranean explorations.

The GSL is a member of the UIS (Union Internationale de la Spéléologie) since the mid sixties and is a founding member of the FSCE (Fédération Spéléologique de la Communauté Européenne) which is now called FSE (Fédération Spéléologique Européenne).

Since the beginning, the club has been publishing a magazine, "VISO - La Vie Souterraine" which is distributed around the world.

During 1998 the GSL signed a convention with the FFS (Fédération Spéléologique Française) to be a privileged member and to have access to all their training activities as well as to use their caving insurance. This step has also been done by other European Caving Organisations.

Among hundreds of activities during the last 40 years, the GSL took part in two "Gouffre Berger" expeditions, where a total of 8 members reached the syphon. The first expedition was in 1988 and the most recent in 1998.

Postal Address

B.P. 55
L-8001 Strassen

Bank Details

Bank: CCPL
IBAN account number: LU63 1111 0424 4354 0000

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