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Posted by Yves SCHINTGEN on 27/02/07, updated on 27/02/07 Photo
Biospeleology in Luxembourg SCIENCE
After month of preparation for the project to catalogue small animals that live in caves, the time was due to get active.
Text by Jean-Claude Thies
Photo by Jean-Claude Thies
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A first team of cavers together with two German experienced cavers in biospeleology, made their first fieldtrip last weekend.

Especially small caves which are not known as a bat habitat were choosen for this time of the year to startup this scientific research. It is important to search the caves also in this winter period to get a global yearly overview of what is living where at which time of the year.

The project is hosted by the MNHN and is forseen to run during the next three years.

At the end we expect to have a nearly complete overview of what is actually living in the caves in Luxembourg. This kind of detailed research has never been done before in the local caves.

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