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Posted by Yves SCHINTGEN on 21/10/07, updated on 21/10/07 Photo
Interclub activity GSL-SGL CAVING
On 13th and 14th october 2007 the GSL had an interclub activity with a speleo-club from Germany, the SGL (Speläogruppe Letmathe). Nearly 20 members of both clubs discovered the "Highlights of the Luxembourg Underground".
Text by Schintgen Yves
Photo by Yves Schintgen
The group in Ste Barbe cave
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On Saturday 13th october 2007, we met at the parking in Müllerthal-Schnellert at about 11am and went to explore the deepest cave in Luxembourg, the Ste Barbe.

After the visit, the group went to the youthhostel in Echternach, where diner was taken.

Then followed an interesting evening with presentations and films of caves and projects (Phymoes). We finally decided to go to bed at 3:30 in the morning.

After breakfast the other day, we got ready for Moestroff to explore this very special cave.

After the visit, we had a little picnic before our friends from the SGL left for home.

Members present: SGL: Stephan, Witold, Christina, Anja, Sebastian, Rolf, Michael and GSL: Jean-Claude, Antoine, Medy, Yves, Gast, Carmen, Francis, Claude, Monique and Frank.

Everyone agreed to say that this interclub activity was quite successful. Maybe a revival could be planned some day...

> More photos available in my Photo Gallery.

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