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Posted by Fred Grandjean on 14/08/05, updated on 25/08/05
Trip to the 'rupt du puits' CAVING
A GSL team payed a visit to the rupt du puits (July 23rd 2005)
Text by Medy Majerus
Photo by Medy Majerus
Comming down the 40+ meter entry pit
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Yves, Laurent, Medy, Philippe, Fränz, Oli and Norry went to the Rupt du puits on July 23rd 2005.

The team went down the 40+ meters entry pit at about 0.15 pm.

A big surprise was the very low water level. Most of us had made the choice to wear diver's suits, as there is usually a certain amount of water, but that was not so good a choice after all, as there were only a few centimeters of water in the underground river.

Once down, Norry felt sick and chose not to continue, so he went out immediately and waited for us outside the cave.

The progression was easy and fast, due to the low water. The only place we got really wet was in a bowl of water at about mid-course (see photo gallery). At the end of the main gallery, we made a short break and had a snack.

We then headed back. Shortly after the siphon, waiting for Laurent, who had stayed behind, I wanted to have a look at a meander an went in. Unfortunately, the last man didn't wait for Laurent and also went in. After a few minutes, we realized that Laurent had passed the entry of the meander an was now heading back to the entry.

We immediately followed him, but he didn't hear us calling him. At the entry of the 'gallerie des sables', we decided to take the fastest way out and find him. Back at the entry, he was waiting for us.

Just before we climbed up the 40+ meter exit pit, we were lucky and spotted several salamanders, which are not so common.

We were all ouside the cave at 18.00h

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